What 64,000 Developers Have to Say About the State of Tech

So what is going on in the world of Stack Overflow in the per Survey! This is the culmination of 64,000 responses from developers on their tools, skills, jobs, and the Stack community. If you have a few hours (fair warning), scroll the comments on Reddit and Hacker News. Even the mainstream media is hip to how interesting and valuable the results are. Why? Because suddenly developers are super important!

There were a ton of incredible insights in the survey, but this one question caught my eye:

More than the commute, developers want to grow in their careers, get fair comp, and work with the tools conducive to helping them get their jobs done, from the languages to the frameworks to the tooling like repositories, IDE’s, and knowledge databases.

Of course, I have some opinions about knowledge databases. I’ll get into the realm of “enterprise-y” software stuff in future posts. Right now I am focused on gearing up the rest of the year and preparing for the next stops on my global enterprise developer community tour.

So what about this blog you might ask? Consider this the anti-corporate blog. Most blogs that come from companies evolve from marketing departments and are optimized to offer as little as possible under the cover of an endless stream of industry buzzwords.

Instead, this space is to give you something valuable to take away, an insight to jog your mind, or maybe a bit of humor to get you through the day. But most of all, I want this to be an opportunity for you to tell me what you think about the developer experience and to start a conversation along the way.

Thanks for reading this first episode of the DEV.BIZ.OPS blog and look forward to sharing more about developer culture, community building and innovation in software engineering!

Why does HTML think “chucknorris” is a color?


For the record, my favorite coat is Chuck Norris colored…

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