Where the Inventor of the Web Goes for Answers

Of the millions of questions asked on Stack Overflow over the years (that is over 14 million and counting), this one caught my attention:

To the uninitiated, this would seem to be any ordinary code question. Until that is when you notice who asked the question, Tim Berners-Lee. You know, just the guy that invented this small thing called the World Wide Web. In case you are wondering, there are also many other top programmers lurking around on Stack Overflow.

So what happens when the place for developer questions and answers goes down? The entire Internet stops dead in its tracks and development work across the globe grinds to a halt. Well, at least that is what you would think if you saw the tweets.

It makes me realize just how important Stack Overflow is to developers and the tech ecosystem at large. It’s a community for the beginners and for the professionals. If you ever had a programming question or an unknown error message pop up, a Google search leads you to Stack.

The past eight years that Stack Overflow has existed has been eight years of epic change in technology. And given the pace of that change, Stack Overflow will continue to be an important part of that global developer community well into the next decade. If you ever have a vexing, impenetrable coding question that you just can’t solve, you can always go over to Stack Overflow.

What are some other sources of developer insight and help that you rely upon? How does Stack Overflow compare with those other sources?

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