Singapore Loves Code!

I always enjoy my trips to Singapore, meeting with many awesome people to discuss the local developer community & culture. I learned quite a bit during my stay that has changed some of my thinking since the first time I visited and shared my thoughts on the Singapore developer community.

But the best part of this most recent trip? I finally got to eat some famous Singaporean crab!

One question that looms over Singapore is whether there is truly the type of developer ecosystem that has the tech chops to be a hub of innovation. Many say offshoring and lack of deep technical skills are hampering the ecosystem. When I look at Stack Overflow data however, it’s clear that Singapore has a very healthy developer community.

And what does the data say? In any given month, over 566,000 unique visitors visit Stack Overflow over 2,670,200 times. Over the course of a year, Singaporean developers are on Stack Overflow an average of 160,584 total person days…just in one year!

How does this compare to other countries? Singapore is 22nd in terms of number of users, which is below the Ukraine and Vietnam, but ahead of countries like Sweden, Israel and Hong Kong. To put this into perspective though, Singapore has by far the highest percentage usage of Stack Overflow over any country in the world. What Singapore lacks in population size more than makes up for it in enthusiasm for code!

Programming is thriving in Singapore and throughout all of APAC and that is why DEVBIZOPS is setting up shop in a big way in Asia in 2019 and making it our headquarters. We want to support and be a resource to the developer community and to work with companies to provide our expertise in fostering engineering culture, helping developers to do their best work, and creating valuable technology communities!

How can Santa defend himself?

Okay, now for some holiday fun of the sillier kind…

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